A lot of business have been generating in Japan. Unfortunately most of them have only Japanese site which is not accessible to non-Japanese speakers. I would like to pick up some interesting business based on my preference :).

MUGENUP (direct translation: No limit UP)
MUGENUP_Toppage_JP business
MUGENUP is a service which illustrators can do their jobs just creating their illustrations and send them on the internet.

Recommend MUGENUP to those people

– Want to be an illustrator
– Try to do more professional illustration job not only for a hobby
– Do some work to use my free time

Recommend MUGENUP to companies

– Need a high-quality illustration
– Want to hire illustrators
– Implement contents after internal designers create a basic design

Our motto is “Make Creators work more freely and Enjoy their work”
We aim for being the best partner to create an interesting contents by using Crowd System and collaborating creators all over the world. Our main contents is illustrations which we will use for Game.

One point I am interested in is they keep the quality of the illustration by hiring art directors. It is difficult to keep the quality when you ask an illustrator to create the illustration. We don’t have any words to describe, but we would like to improve something. If the art director pointed it out precisely, the illustrator could improve the contents.

I believe that the quality of Japanese anime/game contents is very special and world-wide class. Hope Japanese illustrators will have more opportunities to work all over the world.