Relationship weather and adwords

A weather forecast was not so big matter when I was in Japan. Japan has four seasons clearly; Spring, summer, autumn and winter. I love the moment when the seach changes. One good thing in Japan, we can see always sunshine except for rainy season in May and June. Event those months, we can see the sun.

One of my changes since I moved to Europe is I care about sunshine. When sun comes up, I go out, try to enjoy the sun and feel the warm. Maybe it’s simply becaues of Berlin 🙁

weather forecast germany

A weather has a big impact on our schedule. When it rains, people stay at home. That’s the big chance to increase a revenue of your e-commerce site.

If you did not target some major weather forecast sites, it would be worth of trying to expand your contents match campaign. If your products were travel related, I could promise better performance. While maintaing your CPC, you can expect more conversions from the website. If it did’t work, please let me know! I can consult with you why you haven’t got conversions.