SEM Report


Google Adwords and Yahoo Listings provide a lot of reports. However do you understand what the report says? I will be able to summarize and send your account performance with some analysis for your next step. You can combine the service with Skype session for your deep understanding.

For people/company,

– Don’t know how to use/create a report
– Need to review your SEM report
– Want me to analyze and interpret your SEM report

SEM Report


Basic plan : 500 Euro
– submission 7-10 days later
– volume 3-5 pages (depend on your account volume)
Urgent plan : 1000 Euro
– submission 2-3 days later
– volume 3-5 pages (depend on your account volume)


Either Japanese or English
(If you need both, please contact me. It takes a little longer time than usual.)


1. To provide a detail analysis, I need to see your account. Before you start the session, please create one account and password for me. Once you finish our session, you can remove the ID from your account. Then I won’t be able to see your account after that. If you don’t have any accounts, please share your products details with me.

2. If you need skype session,
Skype session time is available any time. Before you ask me the time, please use Market Planner and see European time (Berlin time).