Welcome to SEM Japanese! My name is Meg Tsukada who is a Japanese professional SEM consultant. I provide a high quality Japanese SEM consulting service both in English and Japanese. If you were interested in entering Japanese market, please ask me! Also if your Japanese SEM performance were not doing well, I would provide an appropriate solution to you. I'm ready to ask all of your questions!!
Is Japan Galapagos Island?

Is Japan Galapagos Island?

Japanese understand we’re different from other countries. Of course, each country has an original cultur […]
SEM Japanese Market Research

SEM Japanese Market Research

Details SEM data teaches you a lot of ideas and thoughts about Japanese Market. If you really would like to en […]
SEM Report

SEM Report

Details Google Adwords and Yahoo Listings provide a lot of reports. However do you understand what the report […]
SEM Consulting

SEM Consulting

Details I would like to help/assist your online marketing performance overall. What I can provide you, – […]
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A word ‘Search Engine Marketing’

When I started working as a SEM associate in 2003, No one knew what was SEM. We translated the word into Japan […]

Importance of Proper noun

Some destination names have ‘Brand’. A good example is ‘Paris’. When Japanese hear  […]

Relationship weather and adwords

A weather forecast was not so big matter when I was in Japan. Japan has four seasons clearly; Spring, summer, […]

Is Japanese market too difficult to enter?

If you’ve seen the article, you might be afraid of coming to Japanese market. Tech Asia: Why Y Combinato […]

Can you manage PPC campaigns in other languages?

I can say YES confidently. If I don’t speak Chinese or Russian, I could manage the Adwords campaigns wel […]

English allergy?

If you knew something about Japanese market, you might have heard Japanese have an allergy for English. That&# […]

Ad copies in Japanese

When I worked for an international company, we did a comparison among big 10 countries. How is the difference […]

Yahoo Japan does not use Bing

Yahoo is different from Google. Google has almost same platform, rules and strategy all over the world. Hence […]

Japanese search engines

If you know Japanese search market a little, you would know Yahoo Japan dominates the Japanese market. It is s […]

Japanese keywords contain Kanji, Katakana and Hiragana

Google has been improving almost every single second. Ten years ago when Google Japan launched, Google differe […]

Welcome to SEM Japanese.com

Hello, thank you for visiting my website. I have launched this service just a few hours ago. I have lived in F […]