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Meg Tsukada provides various types of SEM consulting services.
I launch this website to support following 2 types of people and companies.

1. Comapnies who will enter Japanese Market.

Japan has a huge potential market for E-commerce. Once you grab Japanese market, you would be able to keep generating a revenue as long as you provide a sufficient service to Japanese customers. Howerver you always face the language barrier which Japanese do not use English. Search Engine Marketing is a global skill and term which Google provides same platform to all launages. It looks easy to implement even if you don’t know Japanese.


The truth is NOT. Search Engine Marketing provides a lot of tips what types of services or products they want to buy. To understand their needs explicitly, you have to know Japanese market, language, culture and recent trend.

I can help you to enter Japanese market.
059SEM Japanese Market Research

2. Companies/People who are straggling with SEM performance

Do you have any problem or concern about your Japanese SEM performance? I will be able to help/assist you to improve your SEM performance. I have worked with various types of customers from BtoB to BtoC.
– Ad text writing
– Performance (CPC, CPA, ROI etc….)
– How to use Adwords/Google Analytics
– Account structure
– Keywords Expansion
– New features
You will be able to find new aspects of your account!

Growing Revenue

I can talk to you on Skype to resolve your issue in either English or Japanese.
059SEM Consulting
059SEM Report

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