SEM Japanese Market Research


SEM data teaches you a lot of ideas and thoughts about Japanese Market. If you really would like to enter Japanese Market, I would recommend to use Japanese SEM data. Only native speakers who understand the market and search keywords can provide the valuable data. The data should be different from just using Google Translator who unfortunately do not provide correct Japanese translation. At the same time, the data will be useful to find your Japanese domestic competitors.

For people/company,

– Eager to enter Japanese Market
– Interested in Japanese Market
– Need only keywords to run your Japanese SEM campaign (You have an internal SEM manager)
– To verify whether your running Japanese keywords are appropriate



Japanese Keywords Data (Google): 500 Euro per website
– submission 3-5 days later
– volumeĀ  100-100,000 keywords (depend on your market)
– with advices and comments how to utilize the keywords
*For Yahoo, the data is almost similar to Google at the begging stage.
*The price does not vary on the keywords volume.



(Add some English translation by Google and modified them according to the quality of keywords)


1. To provide a detail analysis, I need to see your account. Before you start the session, please create one account and password for me. Once you finish our session, you can remove the ID from your account. Then I won’t be able to see your account after that. If you don’t have any accounts, please share your products details with me.

2. If you need skype session,
Skype session time is available any time. Before you ask me the time, please use Market Planner and see European time (Berlin time).