Welcome to SEM Japanese.com

Hello, thank you for visiting my website.

I have launched this service just a few hours ago. I have lived in France since last September to do my MBA. The time is limited but I would like to start sharing my experiences with all people who are interested in Japanese SEM and Japanese market.

I have ever been asked many times if there were any good SEM specialist in Japan who speaks English and have long experiences. It means that many global companies are still interested in entering Japanese market because of a huge potential. While I was working in a company, I wondered if I had more chances to share my experiences with more comapnies and people.

According to Google Keywords Tool which all SEM specialist should love, “japan sem” has only 880 searches in a month all over the world. I don’t believe the data! There is more demand to look for Japanese SEM data. See, you are the person/company because you’re looking at my site!!

I understand the difficulty to enter Japanese market and manage Japanese from oustside of Japan. However the truth is that some big global companies have been doing well. You will have more chance to generate a revenue here in Japan.

I am very looking forward to working with you.

European comapny who would like to enter Japanese market will be very welcomed because I physically live in France. It’s easy to contact with you!