Yahoo Japan does not use Bing

Yahoo is different from Google.

Google has almost same platform, rules and strategy all over the world. Hence it’s so easy to manage them.
Google Adwords interface

If I were not able to speak the language, I could manage any account just based on the numbers. I experienced the advantage that I could share my experiences or issues with other SEM specialist all over the world. Since we were using same platform, we could solve one problem each other without local language skill. That’s the amazing aspect for Google platform.

Yahoo-JAPAN logo_300_80

However Yahoo does not do like Google. Even though they have same brand name ‘Yahoo’, each country has different types of Yahoo. A story that Yahoo Japan has a different entity and strategy is so famous among SEM specialists. In 2010, many people were surprised at hearing a news ‘Yahoo Japan Chooses Google over Bing for Search‘. The migration to Google platform meant all search engine marketing in Japan was based on Google platform. Some of my colleagues asked me if it were anti-monopoly law. The truth was it was not. Yahoo Japan tried to differentiate their platform from Google Adwords. That’s the reason our nightmare starts. They’ve changed the name of the match types, interface and bidding rules just on the surface which makes us confused what the function/service means.

Yahoo has tried to differentiate from Google since Google dominate the internet market.

In Japan we cannot ignore Yahoo Japan which has almost 45% of total search engine market share.
To win on your market, you need to know how to manage Yahoo Japan accounts.
That’s the key!