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938.1 billion for Internet Ads in Japan 2013

938.1 billion for Internet Ads in Japan 2013

Dentsu who is the biggest advertising company in Japan has released a report of Advertising cost in Japan in 2 […]
2.5billion for Mobile Ads in Japan 2014

2.5billion for Mobile Ads in Japan 2014

One of the major SEM tools all over the world is Kenshoo. They have released an interesting article about Asia […]

Demographics of Yahoo Japan

I’m asked how important Yahoo Japan is in Japan. If you were a bit familiar with Japanese internet marke […]

A word ‘Search Engine Marketing’

When I started working as a SEM associate in 2003, No one knew what was SEM. We translated the word into Japan […]

Can you manage PPC campaigns in other languages?

I can say YES confidently. If I don’t speak Chinese or Russian, I could manage the Adwords campaigns wel […]

Yahoo Japan does not use Bing

Yahoo is different from Google. Google has almost same platform, rules and strategy all over the world. Hence […]