Can you manage PPC campaigns in other languages?

I can say YES confidently. If I don’t speak Chinese or Russian, I could manage the Adwords campaigns well.

Google search in German


Definitely I need someone who are the native speaker because I cannot create the campaigns from scratch. That’s very true. Only native/very fluent language speakers can create the campaign from scracth. The reason is simple. Your potential customers will be a perfect native speaker. They live their own country and see TV programs, magazines and internet on their own language.

Language is alive.

There is a certain trend in language. If you left your country at least 1-2 years, you would notice there were some words you cannnot perfectly understand. Hence we need a perfect native/fluent speaker when we create a PPC campaign from scracth.

I’m very confident to launch Japanese PPC campaigns from scratch. It does not matter which products you have. I can do it evrything on my own because I have long experiences and had success and fails.

Then why can I manage PPC campaigns in other language?

‘Manage PPC campaigns’ and ‘Create from scratch’ are completely opposite meaning. I can manage any campaings in any language because I understand the basic logic of PPC. Thank Google, they have almost same Adwords UI which language you have. Also I can change the UI language from local language to English which makes me much easier to manage.

When you hire SEM manager in your company, you pay attention to their skills rather than their native language. You can find any native language speker very easily with cheap cost, but it’s hardly to find experienced and talented SEM manager in your local market, especially in Asia.