Is Japanese market too difficult to enter?

If you’ve seen the article, you might be afraid of coming to Japanese market.
Tech Asia: Why Y Combinator startup Strikingly skipped China, Japan and headed for Southeast Asia


Even Y Combinator avoid to coming to those markets?
Don’t worry about it!

Simply those markets require “local people”.
That’s the main and simple reason.
It’s hard to try only by non-Chinese and non-Japanese because they’re too unique.

I’ve seen many US and European companies came to Japan and left. Most of the case, they did not change their way to enter the new markets.

Again, they’re very unique markets.

To get appropriate customers and attention from local people, Ask local people.

Those Southeast Asian countries have good English speaking people who can adopt other cultures and languages to grow the countries. On the other hand, China and Japan has fewer English speaking people than them and believe we can grow without English. (I don’t talk about the subject in depth)

Here is great article written by one British author.
Random Wire: Why Japanese Web Design Is So… Different

When you enter the market, please please ask and involve local people. They know the market very well, like me 🙂